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Alternatives to National Novel Writing Month

National Nah, You’re Not Gonna Write That Much This Month Month

National But Everyone Else Is Doing a Thing So Maybe You Should, Too, Month

National Amnesia About What Happened Last Year When You Attempted to Write Sixteen Hundred Words Per Day Month

National But This Year Will Probably Be Different Because You Can Just Prop Up a Mannequin Dressed Like You for Zoom Thanksgiving and Still Get Your Word Count in Month

National You Made Your Word Count for Day One! Month

National Unfortunately, You Did Not Make Your Word Count for Day Two Month

National Set an Unrealistic Goal at the Beginning of the Month That You Will Fail to Meet by the Fifth Day of the Month Month

National Take Up Watching Birds Outside Your Window to Avoid Writing Month

National It’s Hard to Write When It’s Dark by 5 P.M. and Your Seasonal Depression Is Really Hitting Its Stride Month

National Listen to the National While Panicking About What That Bird You’ve Been Watching Will Do for the Winter Months Month

National Should You Continue to Feed the Bird or Is That Ruining Its Will to Migrate and Ability to Find Its Own Food? Month

National Well, Birds Did Evolve from Dinosaurs, so They Have Probably Survived Worse Month

National Write an Original Broadway Musical Month

National Build a Rocket Month

National Some Things May Actually Be Better if They Take More Than a Month to Produce Month

National How Was It Even Possible for That Person on Twitter to Write Four Thousand Words Today? Month

National Writer’s Envy Month

National Do You Even Want to Be a Novelist, or Are You Just Doing This to Avoid the Screenplay You Still Haven’t Finished? Month

National, Yes, That Bird Does Know You’re Only Cleaning Out Your Utensil Drawer to Avoid Writing Month

National Is a Pandemic Really a Great Time to Work on Your Navel-Gazey Novel? Month

National Who Decided That a Month with Two National Holidays That Doesn’t Even Have Thirty-one Days in It Would Be a Good Time to Try to Write an Entire Book? Month

National Turns Out Zoom Thanksgiving Is Still Kind of Draining Month

National Maybe You Can Somehow Catch Up and Write Forty-five Thousand Words in Three Days Month

National New Candidate for Actual Cruelest Month Month

National It’s O.K. That This Didn’t Work Out Because It Seems Like You Really Want to Be Writing a Book About Birds Month

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