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Equality for All – A Conversation Hosted By 360Hub in Partnership with Techuncode and the Lagos State Government

In preparation for the Lagos economic summit, Ehingbeti 2021, which was held last week, the Lagos state government, in partnership with the leading technology company, Techuncode, hosted hub activation sessions for participants.

The Sessions were held with many notable technocrats highlighting the wins and limitations of subjects in the state.

Themed ‘Shaping the future of health, health care, and wellness’ was hosted by HUB ONE featuring Wellvis.

Speakers at the event were Dr Wale Adeosun(CEO, Wellvis), Dr Adaorah Momodu (Co-founder, COO, Oncopadi technologies), Dr Emmanuel Osinaike (CEO, Call a Physio), and Josh Okpata (Founder, EazyHire).

They discussed “The health sector as an engine of economic growth and can contribute greatly to a sustainable healthcare system.”

Also, they highlighted many challenges within the healthcare system and proferred solutions to the problems.


Post Ehingbeti 2021 Hub Activation: 'The health sector is an engine of economic growth'


Problems identified during the session

  • Healthcare is still a nascent industry.
  • Inaccessibility of quality healthcare.
  • Lack of sufficient health personnel.
  • Poor healthcare infrastructures.


Solutions proffered to some of the problems include;

  • Insurance scheme for Lagosians
  • Patient empowerment and knowledge of healthcare services and products.
  • Invest significantly in research and development.
  • Private-Public partnerships (Health Tech startups, Private Healthcare delivery services and Public Healthcare facilities
  • Healthcare infrastructure development, starting from the primary healthcare centres.
  • Training of healthcare workers
  • Create more Cancer screening centres.
  • Systems to encourage Medical Health checkup.
  • Favourable Policies to create an enabling environment for Inventions.
  • Healthcare financing and coverage
  • Quality broadband and Internet services.


Impact of the solution in society

  • Increased trust in the healthcare system.
  • A standard plan to respond during an outbreak.
  • Nigerians would no longer need to travel abroad to receive medical treatments.
  • Prevention of infectious diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea, measles and HIV/AIDS, etc.
    Increased trust in the healthcare system

The summit took place on the 12th of February, 2021, from 4 pm to 6 pm.


About Hub One (By FCMB)

Hub one is a registered trademark of FCMB positioned to accommodate and support a community of tech innovators. Hub One provides a conducive co-working space designed to foster collaboration and drive creativity within Nigeria’s tech start-up ecosystem. LeadSpace currently managed by Passion Incubator currently manages it.


About Wellvis

Wellvis is an on-demand health information and service platform that provides health advice, health information, and care support via a peer-to-peer model moderated by verified health practitioners. The health tech start-up offers users personalized access to health services in a short time through the use of cutting-edge technology.

About Techuncode

Techuncode, formerly known as AskIfa, is an independent online tech-centric media. The brand has a clear cut mission of making tech-related contents more appealing to the African reader with the intent of encouraging them to engage more with technology and inspiring her audience to create tech solutions of their own.

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