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Woman with court case captured on CCTV sprinkling unknown substance outside magistrate’s office

Woman with court case captured on CCTV sprinkling unknown substance outside magistrate?s office

A middle-aged Kenyan woman has been detained after being captured on CCTV camera on Wednesday September 22, 2021 sprinkling an unknown white substance outside the door of Shanzu law courts Resident of Magistrate David Odhiambo.

Veronica Ndinda Mutisya said to be a complainant in a matter before the resident magistrate, was caught sprinkling the substance and upon further search more of the unknown substance was found inside a bag in her possession.

She has been picked up by detectives for further interrogation at Bamburi police station and is currently awaiting completion of investigations and analysis of the CCTV footage.

From the CCTV footage, Mutisya was seen arriving the court premises at 7:45 am. She was seen walking around the magistrate’s door before removing some white substance from her bag. She is then seen pouring some of it outside the door of the magistrate’s chambers before one of the cleaners catches up with her.

A confrontation which ensued led to the court’s administrator being called in, before police officers arrived to whisk her away. 

Defending herself, Mutisya claimed that the white substance found in her bag was a mixture of salt, unga and some other unknown substances that she often carries with her. 

She said; 

“I use it whenever l feel bad. l was not trying to use it to influence the outcome of my case. l was only trying to access a tap which is outside his chambers to wash my hands.”

An investigation is currently being carried out to determine her motive. 

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