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Stephanie Linus Launches “Hygiene First”; A Campaign That Seeks To Put Hygiene At The Center Of Our National Culture.

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As people and nations around the world grapple with the new reality of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19), Stephanie Linus is inspiring a long-term and purposeful lifestyle change among Nigerians to stimulate personal and community hygiene as a tool for preventing person-to-person transmittable diseases.

The campaign which is titled “Hygiene First – My New Habit” is an attempt to drive the conscious awakening of good hygiene habits among people and communities in Nigeria and get Nigerians to take responsibility for their personal and community hygiene.

Maintaining good health and sustaining the beauty of our city all starts with you; we all can commit to good health and cleaner cities by practicing the simple steps of deliberately identifying new habits we need to form.

Practicing good hygiene develops a person’s self-worth and self-confidence. It benefits our own health and impacts the lives of others around us . From regular hand washing, to proper waste disposal, deep cleaning of homes and public spaces such as streets, markets, schools and hospitals, this campaign is geared towards encouraging simple tips and ideas that families can integrate into their daily lives. These changes, when positive and deliberate, help in shaping our lives far more than we probably realize. 

The “Hygiene First – My New Habit” campaign is an initiative of the Extended Hands Foundation.

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