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Worship Media

About Us


Worship Media is a hi-tech one-stop multi-media solutions company.

The vision of Worship Media is to showcase Creativity inspired by Divinity.

Worship Media was founded by Erica and Chidi Nwanyanwu.

The foundation of Worship Media dates back to 1976 for Chidi, when his parents bought him a Debonair pin hole camera for his birthday. He never stopped taking photos and experimenting with lights and forms since then.

And for Erica in 1989 when her parents gave her a Canon camera with full accessories, including lenses, filters, and stands. That fired her interest in photography and has continued till date.

Erica and Chidi went on to study Architecture in the University at different times, a course which required the use of a camera in various assignments and exercises.

Chidi owned a multi-media company called Hardnut designs which undertook jobs like portrait painting, architectural model making, advert posters, unique fashion designs, theater and show business

After graduation, Erica opened a photo studio as a young graduate serving in the mandatory one year National youth service program. She became popular amongst women in puda, who could not be photographed by men in their secluded quarters. She was also the official photographer for key political parties and government officials.

After marriage in 2004 Erica and Chidi let go of photography briefly to establish their construction company and also practice motherhood and fatherhood.

In   2011, after years of covering events for friends and their community, Worship Media was born.

Worship Media has recorded among other successes, the production of a 12 track music album and 4 singles, by Grateful Family, various musical videos, Magazines, websites, blogs, coverage of weddings and major events.

Worship Media is active on youtube channel with so many interesting, informative and educative videos. We are also on Instagram and Facebook.


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