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Cee Yara Foundation Launches First-of-a-kind Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit Mobile Application

Cee Yara Foundation Launches First-of-a-kind Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit Mobile Application

In commemoration of the 2020 Children’s Day celebration on May 27th 2020, and in a bid to curb the high rate of child sexual abuse and violence in Nigeria, the Cece Yara Foundation has launched an innovative solution to empower children and adults with resources, skills and knowledge and to provide direct access to child protection professionals. It also features a helpful chat feature.

The Cece Yara Foundation App is an innovative way the foundation is spreading awareness about child sexual abuse and ways to identify and prevent it. The app affords you the unique opportunity to access practical information that provides guidance on how to recognize and prevent Child Sexual Exploitation while all Child protection professional are few clicks away.

Cee Yara Foundation Launches First-of-a-kind Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit Mobile Application lindaikejisblog1

This App is aimed at adults, parents, care givers and children who are able to use smart phones. Some unique features of the app include; Learning functions that allow users have access to trivia to test their knowledge of body boundaries, body private parts, assertive skills, safe and unsafe touches as well as who to report and how to report unsafe touches. It also includes The Cece Yara Safe kids Directory which is the very first child protection service portal in Nigeria. App users can search for the nearest child protection service provider including primary health centers, police stations, courts, child- centered NGO’s, and Government agencies in Lagos State. Users can find their exact location using Google maps and give step- by-step direction to find the provider navigating from the user’s present location.

The Cece Yara Foundation app also has a very useful chat feature, which is a safe digital space for children to discuss freely with a professionally trained child counselor about issues that bother them and report incidence of unsafe touches without fear of being judged or reprimanded amongst many other helpful features and functions. Users can also make a direct report from the report by clicking on the “Make A Report” button.

Through the App, the foundation can provide emergency intervention for any child within Lagos State and Abuja, while referral services are provided to reliable partners from our network for children in other parts of the country.

The Cece Yara Foundation app is now available for download on the Google Play Store, the Apple Store or via the link below. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-ceceyara-app/id1494565117


The Cece Yara Foundation is a child-centered non-profit organization established in 2016 to prevent child sexual abuse and to provide access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children who have experienced sexual abuse or who are at risk. The Foundation provides free psycho-social, legal and medical support for children through a 24-hour free child telephone helpline (0800 800 8001) and its child-friendly Child Advocacy Centre based in Gbagada, Lagos, at a time when government research estimates the occurrence of childhood sexual violence in Nigeria to be as high as one in four girls and one in ten boys. The Foundation’s multi-disciplinary team of counselors, social workers, child advocates, lawyers and forensic interviewers, collaborate with government agencies and partners involved in the investigation, intervention and prosecution in child sexual abuse cases, in order to provide a coordinated response to children, in line with best practice. The Centre has also established outreach educational programs on prevention awareness for children, and specialized programs to educate adults on how to protect children from sexual abuse.

For more information, contact Beatrice on [email protected]

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