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Angelica Ross Reveals She Was Ryan Murphy’s Muse for Pose Character

Even though Candy met a tragic fate in Pose, Angelica explained how grateful she is to have had that big of a platform to share her character’s story.

“I have spoken a lot at colleges and done a lot of things,” she noted. “I don’t think anything will, in my lifetime, do as much, have as much of a ripple effect, as playing Candy did. It just went into people’s hearts.”

Angelica said her younger self “is doing cartwheels” inside her heart right now, because despite growing up as a “theater kid,” and doing things like teaching herself how to play the guitar and piano, for a long time, she was just focused on getting through the day. 

“I did all of these things and always thought I would be performing, but when I transitioned, I honestly just had to focus on survival…As we say, I’m taking back everything the devil stole from me,” she expressed.

Listen to the complete chat from Just the Sip above.

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