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Wayback Wednesday: There’s always a smart aleck around

Manufacturing facility’s help desk software generates reports for the general manager and each department head, says a pilot fish on the scene. It’s the typical thing: Each time a ticket is opened or closed, the user requesting the work and the higher-ups all get a copy via email.

One day the IT boss gets a call from one of the department managers. “I got a ticket for a tech installing a printer ribbon,” manager says.

OK, says IT boss, what’s the problem?

“The tech had to come back the next day and adjust the ribbon, and I got a second ticket,” manager says. “Am I going to be charged for this?”

After a lot of back and forth, the department manager says, “Oh, never mind; forget about it.”

But to keep the peace, IT boss pulls up a set of reports and goes to pay the department manager a visit. He shows the manager that his department’s charges have never been more than $5 in any month, while some other departments’ charges run into thousands of dollars.

“All is smoothed over, and the IT boss returns to his office,” reports fish.

But one tech who knows the story asks the boss, “Should we open a ticket for your visit?”

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