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Podcast: iPhone privacy settings still allow apps to track users, plus Android’s privacy measures

Last week, The Washington Post revealed that, despite update app tracking transparency measures, iPhone apps continue to track users. This presents a serious privacy issue, since the type of data gathered about a user’s device could be specific enough to identify individual iPhones. And worse yet, The Washington Post revealed that this tracking occurs even when users explicitly ask apps not to do so. Apple’s iOS competitor, Android, also has app privacy measures in place. In Android 11, app permissions automatically reset if a user hasn’t used an app within a few months. Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis and Macworld executive editor Michael Simon join Juliet to discuss iPhone versus Android privacy measures and how fingerprinting affects individuals and enterprises.

Click Here to Visit Orignal Source of Article https://www.computerworld.com/article/3635150/podcast-iphone-privacy-settings-still-allow-apps-to-track-users-plus-how-androids-privacy-measures.html#tk.rss_all

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