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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid to Bring Miami Strike Map, Weapons, and More

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid has just been announced and the new season will feature an ’80s theme. Call of Duty: Mobile will also get a new map, two themed events, an esports world championship, new operators, a new weapon, and other new content. The new season for the multiplayer mobile battle royale will go live next week. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid will also get many improvements along with new seasonal challenges, lucky draws, bundles, and more. Earlier this week, Activision announced Snoop Dogg as an operator in the game.

The new season for Call of Duty: Mobile was announced through a blog post. Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 3: Radical Raid will go live for players on Android and iOS on April 1 at 5:30am IST.

Another new addition to Call of Duty: Mobile is the Miami Strike map. It is a more compact version of the Miami map. Miami Strike first debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Players will compete with each other during the day and the map is filled with collector cars, building, and back alleys that ensure an intense battle, as per Activision.

Earlier this week, Activision announced that Snoop Dogg will be featured as a playable character. The rapper and his flashy accessories will be available to players through a lucky draw.

Furthermore, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid also has two new themed events — A Soldier’s Choice and Easter Battle Royale. The former is a 14-day event where players get to interact with Raul Menendez each day to boost their XP generation through their choices. Players can also earn weapons and character skins. Easter Battle Royale will require players to find and collect Easter Bunny’s eggs which can be turned into rewards in the vending machines on the map.

Call of Duty: Mobile is also getting an esports tournament, dubbed World Championship 2022, where players can win a prize pool of over $2 million (roughly Rs. 15.27 crore). Stage 1 and Ranked Series 1 for the World Championship will begin on March 31. Further details regarding the World Championship 2022 and its registration can be found here. The championship will have its finals in December.

Additionally, players will also get 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards, new operators such as Gunzo and Park, MAC-10 SMG weapon, new operator skill: reactor core, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, COD Points (CP), among others, throughout the season. Call of Duty: Mobile will also be getting new seasonal challenges, lucky draws, bundles, and more. Some of these new items will be available starting April 1, while the rest will be released throughout Season 3: Radical Raid.

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