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RULAAC Asks Buhari To Declare State Of Emergency In Kaduna

Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Centre has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to declare state of emergency over insecurity in Kaduna State.

Over the months, scores have been killed and many displaced by bandits in Southern Kaduna and other parts of the North-West.

RULAAC in a statement said the group was seriously disturbed about the total breakdown of law and order and the reign of terror, violence, destruction, arson, looting and impunity by the bandits in the area.

The statement reads, “The high level of insecurity in Kaduna State has hindered RULAAC monitors in Kaduna State from continuing to monitor police conduct in the context of  enforcement of Inspector-General of Police’s COVID-19 directives and government ordered health and safety protocols. RULAAC has received reports from its monitors in Kaduna and from several other sources of unchallenged daily attacks on communities in Southern Kaduna resulting in high numbers of human casualties, kidnappings, rape, destruction and looting of homes and farms and dislocation of families.

“These attacks are happening almost on a daily basis in spite of the curfew imposed by the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai since March 2020 and notwithstanding the high numbers of security agencies and establishments including the police, military and the state security service in the state. Despite the huge presence of security agencies in the state, there is no security response to these incessant attacks. Communities are left practically at the mercy of the rampaging bandits who operate without challenge, attacking, killing and injuring hundreds of defenceless residents in communities. Community representatives also report that their distress calls and outcry for help have been ignored by the state government and security agencies in the state.

“Despite this huge security presence in Kaduna State and the curfew in place, all these mass atrocities have continued unabated without any of the bandits arrested or the communities protected from their further onslaught. Instead, when citizens protest against attacks, they are arrested by the same security agencies that have failed to protect them from attacks.”

The group also called on the military, other security agencies to set up a transparent process for weeding out the bad eggs among them.

It added, “We pray that the governor and his security team to adopt more creative ways of securing the people with the fact that more people have died during these restrictions, which renders the curfew useless.”

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