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Stop leading girls on if your intentions aren’t good, if she cries out to God there will be a negative impact on your destiny – Nigerian clergyman, George Izunwa advises men (video)

A Nigerian clergyman, George Izunwa, has advised men to stop leading their women on if they have no plans for the future and are just using these women for sex and to while away time.

While speaking to his congregation recently, Pastor Izunwa of Gateway Church -The Lighthouse, told men that if the relationship gets to a point where acrimony, aggression and evil comes in, the lady will kneel down to cry unto God and the man in question’s ”destiny will come down.”

He also advised men to stop using women to play games and not waste their destiny.

He said;

”When Young men are talking to ladies they are friends with, they get into discussions they shouldn’t get into. They make statements that make the girl feel this young man has a plan. and It gets worse when they start sleeping together. The girl thinks that because he is talking nice to her and they are having immoral sex that he is interested, he is not. He is just using her and bidding time.

Back off… anytime you are leading a sister on, when it gets to a point where acrimony, aggression and evil comes. That girl will kneel down, cry to God for you and your destiny will come down. Because you thought you were playing a game, but that game is somebody’s life. Don’t waste anybody’s destiny. Know how you talk to people, know how you lead people on.

Watch the video of him speaking below…

Click Here to Visit Orignal Source of Article http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2022/3/stop-leading-girls-on-if-your-intentions-arent-good-if-she-cries-out-to-god-there-will-be-a-negative-impact-on-your-destiny-nigerian-clergyman-george-izunwa-advises-men-video.html

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