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BrandPost: Ethical Dilemmas of AI

Can AI be trusted? It’s already visibly and invisibly woven into our world — from Google Translate and video game bots to industry usage across healthcare, manufacturing, and banking for critical workloads. Can we effectively leverage this game-changing technology and escape the inherent ethical dilemmas around bias, trust, and transparency? There is a way forward, yet it will take continuous, diligent conversations around AI ethics as the technology continues to evolve.

Do you trust AI?

The question of trust often comes up in situations where human activity is handed over to AI. For example, Tesla and other car manufacturers are experimenting with auto-drive and auto-park capabilities handled by AI. Auto-drive is pushing the boundaries of trust because the testing of that technology has resulted in human fatalities. Lines are quickly drawn in the sand between whether or not we can trust a car to park itself.

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