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How My Misdirected Feelings Have Come Out Lately

Woman angry about rebus in the New York Times crossword.

Became utterly livid upon learning about rebus squares in crossword puzzles.

Woman cries while watching Miranda on Sex and the City get propositioned for a threesome.

Wept with joy when Miranda finally got invited to have a threesome on “Sex and the City.”

Woman holding a baseball bat while taking a bath.

Convinced myself that a murderer would burst in while I was in the bath.

Woman choreographing a dance for herself.

Spent forty-five minutes choreographing a victory dance for remembering to put grounds in the coffee machine before going to bed.

Woman talking to the ants crawling on her kitchen counter.

Got in a heated argument with a column of ants.

Woman drinking wine and thinking about her Marshalls receipt.

Waxed nostalgic over a receipt from Marshalls I once carried around in my wallet for eight months.

Woman writing an angry email.

Wrote Will Shortz an angry, paragraphs-long e-mail about the injustice of rebus squares in crossword puzzles.

Woman upset because she only caught the end of a song she likes on her car radio.

Sulked for hours after catching only the very tail-end of Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” on the radio.

Woman sulking because she doesn't have Will Shortz's email address.

Panicked over not actually having Will Shortz’s e-mail address.

Woman looks lovingly at her houseplant.

Became heavily emotionally invested in whether a particular leaf would unfurl.

Woman satisfied with Will Shortz removing rebus squares from his crossword puzzles.

Dreamt of a better world in which everyone is happy and secure because there are no rebus squares in crossword puzzles.

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